Photo by  Rhonda Farnham

Processing / Scheduling / Closing

Meet Lesley ~ The Cheerleader of Bay Area Title! Her chatty, friendly “can do” attitude puts everyone at ease whether buyer, lender or real estate agent.  She calms the roughest of waters on the path to a successful closing.

Her 17-year career at Verrill Dana and Atlantic Title provided a solid foundation in the title industry.  She became a pro in all aspects of the closing process from initial file review and detail gathering to conducting closings.

From the moment Lesley joined Bay Area Title in 2002, she played a vital role in maintaining our reputation for excellence and customer service.  The epitome of a team player, Lesley is always willing to pitch in and take on whatever task is required by the “crisis du jour”.  Her talents contribute to our ability to deliver quick turnarounds on last-minute requests.  Her closings are lively, fun and professional and it is not uncommon for flowers and thank you cards to arrive on a regular basis in appreciation for a memorable closing experience with Lesley.

When Lesley is not overseeing scheduling and processing, she spends time with friends and family in Kennebunk and her beloved grandsons in Grand Rapids.