Photo by  Rhonda Farnham

Ruth McElroy
Title Here

Meet Ruthie, our Cumberland County Registry of Deeds “resident abstractor”.  Ruth has been examining titles since 1984 and brings immense knowledge and experience to her searches.  She has examined titles in every county in the State of Maine.  Ruth and Sue have known each other and often worked together since 1992.  In 2002 Sue invited Ruth to join the staff of Bay Area Title and she has been here ever since.

Have a past?? Ruth, the super sleuth, will find it as she scours boundary lines, easements, court documents and probate records.  She can often be found in the “Reg” pouring over old property records dating back to the 1700’s.  She actually ENJOYS this!!!!  Ruth is always willing to help others and does it with a fervor and sense of humor unique to Ruthie – she is a real asset to Bay Area Title.

When at home, Ruth spends many happy hours walking and playing with her rescued Chihuahua, Chrissy.